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NFL Draft Crunch- Top 5

Who Will Win Big

Is Your Team Ready?


With the NFL Draft just a few short days away, it is down to the wire for NFL front offices. I present to you a draft “crunch” or mock draft, that will look at what different NFL teams should look at on draft day for Round 1:


1.) Indianapolis Colts- Andrew Luck QB Stanford. This is as sure of a pick as ever in NFL history. The Colts would be stupid to pass on a possible franchise QB and they have publicy stated they “will draft Luck”. No surprises in Indy, so buy your jerseys and let the Luck-era begin.

2.)Washington Redskins- Robert Grffin III QB Baylor. Another lock in the draft at 100%. The Redskins traded a kings randsom for the opportunity to acquire RGIII, and they are hoping the converted track star pans out. The speed and potential are there, but it remains to be seen if RGIII can translate to the NFL.

3.)Minnesota Vikings- Matt Kahlil OT USC. The first real “choice” of the draft will fall upon the Minnesota Vikings. If by chance wither of the first two teams passes on a QB, the Vikings will snap them up. WIth both Griffin and Luck of the board, the Vikings are looking at OT Kahlil, CB Clairborne WR Blackmon, or RB Richardson. They are desperate for help on the offensive line and Kahlil represents a safe pick for a team in a very tough division. He will only foster the growth of Christian Ponder and provide support for Adrian Peterson. Win-win.

4.) Cleveland Browns- Trent Richardson RB Alabama or Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma St.. The Browns, like always, are in a position to either go with one of the best players available or fill a position of need. Since the departure of Braylon Edwards, the Browns have been without a #1 and it shows. They have had some success at the RB position, but rarely for more than a single season. In my opinion the Browns buck the tradition of need and go with a great player in Rirchadson. They will not consider Tannehill no matter what, and I doubt they will trade back in this draft.

5.)Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Maurice Clairborne CB LSU- I see very little movement here for the Defensive minded Bucs. They have WR’s, they have DT’s, and they have RB’s. While they are strong on defense, this pick could be a game changer for Tampa Bay. In a highscoring division, they need 3 legitmate CB’s to even pose a threat to their rivals. Look for the Bucs to go Defense with Clairborne and pick up a great player. The only caution I heed, is that Clairborne may have a difficult time picking up the playbook. Low test scores, and uneven personal interviews should be taken into consideration. It should be stated though that Clairborne has instincts for the game that cannot be taught.

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